16 Hottest women boxers of 2013

In a post sure to stir up plenty of debate, here are Pro Boxing Insider’s 16 hottest women boxers.

Both amateurs and professionals are eligible.  However, only ladies who have competed in the past year can make the list.  Therefore, people like Laila Ali are not eligible.




16.  Cecilia Braekhus–  We start off our list with a lady who is currently undefeated at 21-0.  The Colombian beauty was raised in Norway and lives in Germany.  The WBA, WBO and WBC champion faces a tough test in her next fight against another lady on our list.

ceci Cecilia-Braekhus



15.  Melinda Cooper- At 22-2, this Las Vegas resident is not only good to look at, but great in the ring.  In fact, she was so good as an amateur, she had to turn pro before she turned 18 because there were no amateurs willing to take her on.

melinda Melinda_Cooper_punch_2010



14. Kina Malpartida- Malpartida was born in Lima, Peru in 1980. Malpartida’s mother, worked as a supermodel with a record number of magazine covers in Vogue, and she also had many covers at Marie ClaireVanity Fair, and other world class magazines; she was also one of the best known worldwide models participating in many high end fashion shows.  Obviously, she passed off her good looks to her daughter.  And at 15-3, she isn’t just a pretty face.

kina kina_malpartida01 kina m kina1mk6kina-malpartida


13.  Zulina Munoz– Méxican bantamweight Zulina “La Loba” Muñoz was born in San Vicente Chicoloapan, México, and boxes out of México City. She began boxing at age 16 when her father Fernando s took her to the gym where he coached his son.  With a record of 36-1-2 this WBC female super flyweight title holder obviously picked things up well.

zulin ZulinaMunozzuli zulinnZULINA


12.  Jennifer Salinas-
MILF alert!  This mother of three is also a personal trainer.  When I was a child, my friends mothers didn’t look like that.  And none of them could beat my ass either.  While Mrs. Bastubee could, but she weighed 3 bills.

sall salinn sali sal



11.  Cecilia Comunales- The WBA lightweight champ has a stellar 10-1 record.

melindCeciliaComunalescaraNF2 cecillcecih Cecilia Comunales - Divulgação



10. Marlen Esparza-  The only amateur on the list, Marlen has become one of the most popular figures in the sport.  She parlayed her Olympic appearance into commercial endorsements for such companies as Cover Girl and McDonalds.

marlen esparza_cover girl marlen-esparza-300 Marlen-Esparza (1)Marlen-Esparza-Covergirl



9. Kaliesha West– Only once defeated, West comes from a multi-racial background which no doubt contributes to her good looks.  A stellar amateur, she has captured the WBO and IFBA titles as a pro.

kaliesha-west-looking-down-at-wbo-belt Kaliesha-West-Adidas-Boxing-Club-pic1 kalies



8. Eva Wahlstrom-  You can’t get off to a better start than a perfect 8-0.   Eva is the most successful Finnish female boxer to date. She was ranked second best in Europe in 2004 and 2005. She also made an appearance as a personal trainer to contestants on a Finnish reality television series Suurin pudottaja, a Finnish version of The Biggest Loser, with swimmer Jani Sievinen.

eva1 Eva_promo.small eva_wahlstrom_iso evashvi eva



7. Mariana Juarez-  With a name like “La Barbie,” you know Juarez has to be on the list.  Despite a lengthy career in the ring in which she was the WBC champion, she still looked great enough to make an appearance in Playboy magazine.

JuarezMariana300NF2 Mariana_Juarez_LOKY-10 mariana-juarez-WBC

Mariana Juarez Playboy addominali



6.  Yesica Bopp- At just 5’0 tall, she doesn’t look like a real badass.  However, as a pro she is 23-0 and currently holds both the WBA and WBO titles.

yesicabopp650sub yesic yesi



5. Ana Julaton- Ana is the first Filipino American boxer to win the Women’s WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight titles. Nicknamed “The Hurricane,” she is also one of the “quickest” boxers ever to win a world title, having fought only five other professional bouts before winning the IBA Super Bantamweight title.

anaj anajula ana-julaton_001



4. Lauryn Eagle– Boxer, model and water skiing champ, Lauryn does it all.  She won Miss Teen International and even competed on the Australian version of the celebrity apprentice.

lary lauryn-eagle-11750 Lauryn-Eagle-Maxim-Australia-4 lau laury Lauryn-Eagle-3



3. Mia St. John- Sometimes the original is still the best.  Mia has been on the scene for years and certainly can lay claim to being one of the most famous boxers of all time and possibly the most beautiful.  Still competing for titles with girls 20 years her junior, St. John is one of the few female boxers who has managed to gain crossover appeal.

mia miast mias Mia_St_John_Picture Mia_St_John_1 mia-st-john (1)



2. Hollie Dunaway- From Van Buren, Arkansas she fights out of St. Louis, Missouri at strawweight, junior flyweight or flyweight.

Dunaway had no amateur background before she turned pro.  She became interested in boxing by watching other female boxers training at the World Class Fitness Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas and thinking that it “looked like fun.”

hollii holliee d hollie-dunaway-004 holie holl holli


1. Ava Knight- In what some may call an upset, Ava wins the award for hottest boxer of the year.  No stranger to upsets, Knight has made a career of doing it in the ring as well.  Although she has just 15 pro fights, she has beaten some of the best ladies in the sport, capturing multiple titles, including the WBC “Diamond” belt.

What makes Ava particularly attractive is her ability to clean up well, but also pull off that hot girl next store who can kick your ass look.  For her ability to look hot in an any circumstance, including just working out, Ava Knight is 2013’s hottest female boxer.

avakkn avakni avakk avaak

ava-knight-profile-pic-2ava k

ava1 ava-knight-300x239
















  1. Beiron

    February 25, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Congratulations to the amazing Ava Knight, she is a true SUPER STAR and deserves the top spot, a true class act.

  2. Jerry Hoffman

    February 25, 2013 at 10:40 pm


  3. woman critic

    July 11, 2013 at 1:59 am

    The number one pick is busted…. did anyone review this before the guy with bad taste one eye and an astigmatism submited this. Its completely wrong countdown lauren eagle the former model is number 4 and number 3 and 1 should be at the end or not even on the list and thats just for starters.

  4. Gabriel

    October 24, 2014 at 8:25 am

    Ava Knight is the ugliest one on the list how is she #1. The Mexican Barbie and Marlen Esperaza are way more hotter than Ava Knight.

  5. Chris

    March 2, 2015 at 8:44 am

    You guys are going to leave out Laila Ali? Seriously?! What the hell kind of list includes Mia St. John but not Laila? The two godmothers of womens’ boxing. Booooooo, I say. Boooooooooo.

    • admin

      March 4, 2015 at 5:36 pm

      Perhaps if you read the qualifications to be on the list, you would realize why Laila Ali is not on there.

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