Adrien Broner’s latest antics don’t phase Ashley Theophane

By Jody Kohn

It has to be difficult for any fighter tasked with facing Adrien Broner to keep their eye on the prize.  Broner makes it a habit to do and say almost anything to draw attention to himself, and subsequently distract his opponent.  And this past week, he took it a step further, allegedly getting involved in an altercation at a bowling alley that has led to a warrant for his arrest.

Ashley Theophane, to his credit, seems unphased by the latest events.  Looking to capture his first world title as a substantial underdog, the British fighter says Broner’s personal life has no effect on his own preparation for the fight.

We spoke to the veteran of over 40 professional fights at the Mayweather Boxing Club, where he is wrapping up his camp.

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