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Brandon Rios and Adrien Broner fight on social media

Twitter has once again become a battleground for fighters unlikely to ever meet inside the ring.  This time, the combatants are Adrien Broner, Brandon Rios and Robert Guerrero.

The problem with these Twitter beefs is that because of their promotional affiliations, it is unlikely that we will ever see their differences settled inside the ring.  Adrien Broner is under the Golden Boy banner, while Brandon Rios works for Top Rank.  It is notoriously difficult for fighters from these promotions to be able to work out the details and set up fights.
Adrien Broner got things started on the social media site, and here is the brief exchange in which Robert Guerrero also got involved.
Broner said, “@brandon_rios1 a homie stop talking that fuck shit you cool people’s but i will beat the fuck out you boy better worry bout your next fight!”
Obviously that struck a nerve with Brandon Rios, a fighter who is certainly not shy about saying what is on his mind.
He replied, “@adrienbroner you won’t do shit cuz i m not 4 foot. You was the one open ur mouth n said my name. Fucker n try n come knock this tree down.”

Of course the argument would not be complete without words from Robert Guerrero, who seems to be involved in just about every argument currently taking place on Twitter.  Guerrero, who is scheduled to fight Floyd Mayweather in May, was quick to pounce on Broner, a fighter many compare to Mayweather.

“@sajid_khan786 @brandon_rios1 @adrienbroner don’t trip brandon, he’s a scrub and his big bro it’s gonna punk up on may 4 when goin gets ruff,” he said.

Finally, the verbal sparring match seemed to draw to a conclusion when Broner seemed to attempt to squash the burgeoning feud, while at the same time getting in a parting shot.

“@Brandon_Rios1look Lil dude I dont care what you talkin just keep winning I respect you as a fighter but don’t talk shit fool I will crush U.”

While it may be unfortunate that this will never escalate to more than a war of words, it is still humorous to listen to elite fighters fight in 140 characters or less.
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