Does Cotto have a chance?

by Alex Yzerman

No!  He is a tough guy and has a ton of heart.  But this fight has no chance of being close, let alone seeing an upset.  Cotto’s best days are behind him.  Sure he can beat somewhat relevant fighters such as Margarito, but does anyone really think he can hang with the truly elite at this point?  I have yet to hear of anyone giving him other than the smallest of chances to beat Mayweather.

Making matters worse, Cotto is really rather boring.  He fails to get people motivated.  For instance, when Margarito fights, it’s clear that his skills are deteriorated.  But that doesn’t stop a lot of people from wanting to see him get his ass kicked.  Why?  because he is an ass hole!  people hate him and want to see him get what he has coming.  You can’t really hate Cotto.  He is a hard working, decent guy.  Even Floyd Mayweather can’t find much of anything to rag on him for.  That should tell you something.
So here we have Floyd basically carrying the promotion of this fight.  But its hard because he has to do it himself and he is having a hard time because it’s hard to say anything bad about Cotto!  Furthermore, it’s hard to make a compelling case that the fight will be close.  So basically they are trying to promote a fight between two guys who don’t hate each other and nobody expects to be competitive.  Given that, I think it’s hard to convince people to shell out the money for the fight.  We shall see I guess.
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