Marlen Esparza is pissed at Ava Knight, challenges her to spar!

Twitter has once again become the launching pad for a feud between fighters.  This time, 2012 Olympian Marlen Esparza and IBF and WBC flyweight champion Ava Knight are going at it.  Unfortunately for fight fans, this one does not seem destined for a meeting between the ropes as Marlen is still an amateur, while Ava is a pro.

Apparently the feud has been brewing for quite some time.  Marlen has gained her share of fame based on her Olympic run and the commercial endorsements that came as a result.  McDonald’s, CoverGirl and Coca Cola have all used her services.

Ava has been on a roll in the professional ranks, racking up an impressive resume with wins over some of the biggest names in the sport.  Her win over Mariana Juarez gave her the WBC “Diamond” belt, something few fighters have ever been able to claim.

While both have their share of fans, they are certainly no fans of each other.

It all came to a head on Wednesday when Marlen called out Ava (sort of), and the Knight declined her offer. The tweets sent to each other basically reflected two fighters who are at a different level in their careers, while at least one of the girls does not realize that.

Here is how the battle on Twitter unfolded.

@marlen112boxing:  “A few months ago @Ava_Knight was feeling that Internet courage and wouldn’t stop talking now she doesn’t want to spar scared?? I think so!”

@marlen112boxing:  “I didn’t say much because I don’t talk over twitter but i hv 2now she’s saying she’s to good to spar me! @Ava_Knight if ur so good show me!!”

@marlen112boxing:  “now u can’t get in the ring n spar Cuz ur “pro”? your record is not all that you went pro cuz u couldn’t win a nationals@Ava_Knight”

@marlen112boxing:  “I’m telling you to spar me we can record it n show everyone@Ava_Knight you don’t want to talk anymore??? What happened ava???”

@marlen112boxing:  “I didn’t want to talk over twitter like you did!!! @Ava_Knight but ur acting all Scary “pro” my ass! I hv the real experience n u know it!”

@marlen112boxing:  “@Ava_Knight you can run all you want I let you talk you think ur “pro” status makes you legit ill play with you!!! spar me!!!”

@Ava_Knight:  “@marlen112boxing I don’t need your sparring lol if you wanna talk, take off the headgear and talk with the gloves.  PS stay amateur”

@Ava_Knight:   “is this girl for real?? #boxeo #boxing #boxingfanatik#boxinghype #wbcchamp http://instagr.am/p/V-MP-hOADa/ ”

@marlen112boxing:  “After I get Gold ima have ONE pro fight to whoop u! If your not a baby mama by tht time lol @Ava_Knight stay scary u won’t get no where”

@marlen112boxing:  “I’m done ava started this and then she said no. Thats it. It is what it is. Peace. New subject”

Finally, it seemed as though the two had moved on.  However, it is unlikely we have heard the last between these two.  Fans were chiming in as well, offering support for whichever girl they lined up behind.

It seemed as if Marlen Esparza was particularly bitter towards Ava Knight, and appeared especially dismissive of her resume, which is easily much more impressive than anything Esparza has accomplished at this stage of her career.  An amateur boxer, particularly one who did not win a gold medal, knocking a professional is quite humorous.  If they wanted to settle their beef with a points fight, then perhaps Esparza would have an advantage.  After all, Knight couldn’t even win at nationals.

However, despite what Esparza said, Knight’s record is quite impressive.  At just 24 years of age, she has compiled an 11-1-3 record against some of the best names in her sport.  A multiple time world champion, she has accomplished more in her young career than most ladies could ever dream of doing.  Certainly, her list of accomplishments eclipse those of Esparza at this point.

As has been proven time and again, amateur success does not necessarily translate to professional success.  Certain fighters are built for the professional ranks, while others do better in the amateurs.  We may never get to see which Marlen Esparza is, but we do know that Ava Knight can fight for more than just points.

Who is right or wrong doesn’t really matter in this situation.  The unfortunate part is that it is unlikely to ever be settled in the ring.  What is somewhat humorous is the offer to settle the dispute with a sparring session.  If that is not able to be set up, perhaps a game of rock, paper, scissors can settle things.




  1. Christy

    February 21, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    What it is failed to mentione is the Esparza had some cousin of hers send Knight a cease and desist letter from the previous twitter feud. However, once she arrived to the bay for her “training camp”, her team reached out to Knight and asked for some sparring. Ofcourse Knight decline. Anyone in that position will decline.Besides Esparza is the one that needs the sparring not the other way around.But what it really comes down to, Esparza needs to learn her place. She needs some etiquetteclasses and her sponsors and endorsersneed to know the kind of ignorant person that represents them.

    • admin

      February 21, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Thanks Christy. I didn’t know where the beef originated from, just what I saw yesterday

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