Ward vs. Kovalev could be fight of the year for fans and bettors alike

On November 19, boxing fans are in for a treat as one of the more intriguing fights to take place in quite awhile will happen when the Bay Area’s Andre Ward battles Russian Sergey Kovalev in Las Vegas, NV.  Unlike most big matchups, this one does not feature a clear cut favorite, as Andre Ward is currently a very slight favorite over Kovalev according to the boxing betting odds at William Hill.

Basically, this fight features the classic puncher vs. boxer matchup.  Those who favor Andre Ward believe that he will be too slick for Kovalev, not allowing the Russian to land the big shots that have been the downfall of all of his previous opponents.  Included in those preferring Ward will likely be the “sharps” who usually go for the “boxer” in these types of fights.

For those who are taking Kovalev, they think that Ward will not be able to withstand the heavy hands, and ultimately it will force him to give in.  Also, though Ward is still young, he has been relatively inactive over the past few years, leaving some to wonder whether or not he will be rusty once he climbs back into the ring.  Being rusty is definitely not something you want to be when staring at Sergey Kovalev across the ring.

Whichever way the fight ends up, it appears the boxing public will be the winner.  It is not often that we are treated to two top 5 pound-for-pound fighters meeting in their absolute prime.  Furthermore, this will shine a light on the light heavyweight division, which has not been a significant weight class in years.  Hopefully, this will signify a resurgence for a weight class that has featured such legendary fighters as James Toney, Michael Spinks, and Archie Moore.

From a betting perspective, it is nice to find a matchup that will pay off nicely no matter which side you are on.  Typically, you are either picking a big favorite that offers a small reward with a victory, or taking a shot in the dark on a big underdog, hoping to score big, but usually just throwing your money away.  Here, you will come close to doubling, or a little more than doubling your investment depending on which side you are on.

The month of November also offers Jessie Vargas battling the legendary Manny Pacquiao.  Unlike Ward vs. Vargas, this fight is, on paper, a mismatch.  Oddsmakers have Pacquiao coming in as a substantial favorite, though Vargas is the only one currently holding a belt.  In fact, his WBO belt was once held by Manny Pacquiao who will now attempt to reclaim the strap.

If you are after a big score, it might be worth taking a shot on Vargas who seems to be finally coming into his own.  And with Manny Pacquiao, you never know if age will finally start to take its toll.  But if you are a more conservative bettor, perhaps a small play on the Filipino legend is a safer bet.  Either way, make sure to enjoy the fights!

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