Tim Bradley Q&A – “Legacy on the Line: From Bradley to Pacquiao” Full show included

You didn’t get any credit after beating Pacquiao in the first fight, do you think you need a KO to get a definitive result. Is that what you need? How do you accomplish this?

I’ve gone down the road of thinking I need a KO and it didn’t work to benefit me. At this time I just know that I have to do my job; I will step in that ring and follow instructions from my corner that should get me my victory and credit that I deserve.

Talk about different training techniques you are going to use this time to face Pacquiao you didn’t use in the first two meetings. What types of wisdom have you acquired from the first two meetings against Pacquiao that will help you in the third fight?

The most important thing about this fight that wasn’t there before is my new trainers Teddy presence. Him and I have developed a new strategy and have changed my preparations. Besides this change I Think the best wisdom I’ve learn from the 2 previous matches is that I just need to stick to the plan and fight like I know how.

How important is this fight to your legacy? Do you think this is the biggest fight of your career in terms of the importance?

Of course all fights are important for my legacy however I do think that this being a grudge match and having to go through 2 different outcomes in the past this will be a defining moment for myself and my legacy.

Expand on the relationship you and Teddy Atlas have formed? How did you know this would be a good fit?

I love the relationship Teddy and I have developed. I feel like I’ve known him longer than we have. In less than a year he has become a great mentor, a person that I respect and look up to. He is not only a coach to me but he is a part of my family. I knew this would be a good fit because we are both passionate about what we do, we are dedicated 110% to our craft. We have similarities that can be scary at times. We are both winners!


Pacquiao vs. Bradley takes place Saturday, April 9 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 6:00 p.m. PT.

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